inspections of
wind turbines

  • Inspections from the ground using telescopic equipment
  • Exhaustive inspections of the blade surface with platform, platform suspended or by scavenging
  • Interior shovel inspection
  • Thermographic inspection of certain types of damage
  • Inspection of conductivity measurements of the SAR system, surface finish
    and other types of technical inspections
  • Ultrasonic measurement

repairs on
wind turbines

  • Reconditioning of blades for improved performance
  • Repair and reconstruction of blades: preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Repair of nacelles and composite structures
  • Cleaning of the different parts of the wind turbine
  • Removal of oxides and painting of steel and concrete towers
  • Audits of absolute and relative angle deviations of CTs and rotation planes
  • Change of corporate logos on nacelles

supervision of quality of assembly in:
shovels, towers, nacelles

We carry out follow-up inspections of shovels, nacelles, cones and tubes during the entire transport process from the factory, road transport, sea loading and unloading, road transport to the park, assembly with cranes and checking for tightness. We work directly with the quality departments of our customers, adapting to their checklist and repairing any damage they may suffer during this process.